“Applications are invited for allotment of industrial plots at all SIIDCUL’s industrial Estates. Applications can be filled online through from 20/12/2018 till 19-01-2019. For further details of Vacant Plot please visit or

“Note: industrial Land/Plots shall be allotted, subject to availability, on the basis of process/procedure as prescribed here in after considering all the applications received within a specified period (Monthly/Fortnightly/As may be specified) for a particular plot. In case the number of applicant is just one for a particular plot, the plot would be allotted to the applicant at the rate of Lease Premium fixed for that industrial area, if otherwise eligible. In case the number of applicants who have applied for a particular plot/plots within that specified period are more than one, all the applicants who had applied for that plot and are otherwise eligible shall be asked to submit bid specifying the extra lease premium over and above the specified lease premium that he is willing to pay for that particular plot. On submission of bids the applicant/bidder who has offered to pay the maximum extra lease premium shall be allotted that particular plot(s). in case of tie the allotment committee shall decide to whom the plot should be allotted. In case of plot numbers 32A Sector-6B, 94C Sector- 6A and 5A1 Sector- 3 at IIE Haridwar the applications received against previous advertisement number 01/2018 dated 01/06/2018, which remained pending due to some technical issue shall also be considered along with any new application(s) received against these plots and these applicants need not apply again.

In case of any clarification regarding this please contact on: 7055319940, 7055319941,9917492613

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